6I Series

6I Series
Features & Benefits Description
Power range

3.0 – 30.0 HP

Flow rate

max. 49 m3/hr


max. 450 m

Liquid Temperature

max. +50°C

Operating Pressure

max. 54 bar

6I Series

Borehole submersible pumps for 6" (150mm) deep wells with various type of impellers made of Stainless Steel (SS). The specially designed robust and light weight SS Diffuser and Impeller can withstand all types of water corrosions. The stainless steel and hydraulic materials prevent the Impeller from clogging even after long stationary periods. The life span of the pump set is comparatively higher than the cast type pump sets.

• Robust reliable and efficient pump design for operating on harsh environment.
• Easy to dismantle, rewind and install.
• High discharge and pressure enables transfer of water over longer distances.

Applications :

• Agriculture
• Commercial Building Services
• Public Utilities