8C Series

8C Series
Features & Benefits Description
Power range

10.0 – 50.0 HP

Flow rate

max. 132 m3/hr


max. 300 m

Liquid Temperature

max. +50°C

Operating Pressure

max. 37 bar

8C Series

Borehole submersible pumps for 8"(200mm) deep wells are constructed with LTB Radial flow impellers and cast iron diffusers. The specially designed Impeller and diffuser achieve both high head and discharge performances. The Cast Iron and hydraulic materials prevent the impeller from clogging even after long stationary periods.

• Heavy duty bearing enables 100000 hrs of running under normal conditions.
• Low voltage operation.
• Customized energy efficient diffuser for better discharge.
• Easy to dismantle, rewind and install.

Applications :

• Agriculture
• Commercial Building Services
• Public Utilities