Our Services
Our Services

Our Services

At EKKI we strongly believe in selling solutions, rather than just pumps.

Amidst a number of ʻme tooʼ pump companies, we at EKKI stand out by our “Wow” factor. By integrating service into our products, we commit ourselves to a lifelong relationship with our customers. When our customers buy our pumps, they buy a world class technology as well as post-sale service throughout the lifecycle of the pump. This holistic approach makes us not only different but also unique. We cherish our customers and always give our best to them.

Worldwide Authorized Service Centres

Our authorized service partners are present across India and internationally too. All kinds of service namely System Optimization, Consultancy, Installation, On-site maintenance, On-Site & Off-site repair and providing genuine spare parts are available in every centre.

All our service centre partners are trained at EKKI Services Division in order to ensure quality and uniformity. Prompt, meticulous and flawless service is guaranteed, every time, to the utmost satisfaction of our end users.



Our service personnel are in charge of installation of pumps at the customers place. Apart from installation, they guide the customers step by step and show how to use the pump in such a way that they get the maximum output with the minimum energy from day one.



With our annual maintenance contract, EKKI service experts virtually become the care takers of the pumps. Regular check -ups go a long way in the reduction of life cycle costs. “Prevention is better than cure” is a maximum followed by EKKI.

On-Site & Off-Site Repair


We at EKKI know that our customer’s time is precious. That is why we keep our pump downtime to the minimum. When a pump is brought for service, it must be set right within a 24 hour time frame, no matter what. It is our sacred covenant. Our service experts resolve the existing problem and also upgrade the pumps with the latest technological standards.

Genuine Spare Parts


Wear and tear being inevitable, we realize the need to replace worn out parts with new ones. We provide Original High Quality Genuine Spare Parts that are manufactured in the same facilities that manufacture our new pumps. These parts are made available through our well stocked Sales outlets and authorized service centres. Thus access to genuine spare parts at the nearest place becomes a boon to the customer, who does not have to lose time in waiting for the much needed spare part to arrive from a distant place.

System Optimization

With a plethora of pumps manufactured by EKKI, it is imperative that choosing the right pump for the right application along with the right system is paramount to optimise the efficiency of the pumping system.

As research and modernisation enable the pumps to become more productive by consuming less energy, there arises a need to replace older pumps with the recent and better models. Our authorised dealers agents, service partners and actual users who are continually trained at the EKKI Academy have the knack for optimization at every stage, be it installation of a new pump or inspection of an existing one. They audit the older pumps and counsel the customers individually so that the latest technology can be taken advantage of.